Course Wizard Tutorial: 
Using the Reverse Look-Up Wizard

Scenario: Suppose you're already attending UW-Madison and know that you need to take Ed Psych 301. You'll be home for the summer and want to take a course at your local UW (UW-Eau Claire) that will transfer back to UW-Madison as Ed Psych 301. This is the perfect situation for the Reverse Look-up Wizard.

If you would like to skip to a specific section of this tutorial, please use the links below:

Step 1: Pick Your UW / WTCS Campus
Step 2: Pick Your Department 
Step 3: Interpreting Your Transfer Report

Starting Point

Start in the Credit Transfer Wizard section of TIS. Select the Reverse Look-up Wizard option from the graphic in the middle of the page.

Step 1: Pick your UW / WTCS Campuses

As shown in the graphic below:

(A) Select UW-Eau Claire from the "Transfer From" pulldown menu

(B) Select UW-Madison from the "Transfer To" pulldown menu

(C) Click on the "Next Step" button

Step 1: Screen Capture


Step 2: Pick a Department

(A) The "Department" Pulldown shows a list of departments (or areas of instruction) at UW-Madison. Pick "Ed Psych - Educational Psychology".

(B) Click on the "Get Transfer Report" button. 

Step 2: Screen Capture


Step 3: Interpreting Your Transfer Report

Follow the link above to a sample Transfer Report with explanations of the different areas. Your Reverse Lookup Report will have different information. Remember to look for the courses you need in the 'Matching Courses' area and the courses to take in the 'From Campus' course listing.