Course Wizard Tutorial: 
Using the Course Wizard for Transferring 
all Courses in a Department

Scenario: Suppose you plan to take a number of History courses at UW-Washington County and want to know how they will transfer to UW-Milwaukee. The Course Transfer Wizard is best way to find the answer to your question.

If you would like to skip to a specific section of this tutorial, please use the links below:

Step 1: Pick Your UW / WTCS Campus
Step 2: Pick Your Department 
Step 3: Interpreting Your Transfer Report

Starting Point

Start in the Credit Transfer Wizard section of TIS. Select the Course Wizard option from the graphic in the middle of the page.

Step 1: Pick your UW / WTCS Campuses

As shown in the graphic below:

(A) Select UW-Washington from the "Transfer From" pulldown menu

(B) Select UW-Milwaukee from the "Transfer To" pulldown menu

(C) Click on the "Next Step" button

Step 1: Screen Capture

Step 2: Pick a Department

(A) The "Department" Pulldown menu shows a list of departments (or areas of instruction) at the UW Colleges. Pick "HIS - History".

(B) Click on the "Match All Courses" button.

Note: Because UW-Washington County is one of the thirteen campuses within the UW Colleges, which share a common list of departments and courses, the list of UW Colleges' departments is shown.

Step 2: Screen Capture

Step 3: Interpreting Your Transfer Report

Follow the link above to a sample Transfer Report with explanations of the different areas. Your department lookup report will have different information.