UW Colleges Transfer Guides

If you want to find out what classes at a transfer school are required for your intended major, go to UW Colleges Transfer Planning Guides to learn what to take at the UW Colleges to be "on track" in your major when you transfer to another UW campus.

WTCS Transfer Agreements

If you want to know how your WTCS (Wisconsin Technical College System) program credits transfer into the UW, go to the WTCS Transfer Agreements area to learn what WTCS programs have formal agreements that permit occupational courses to transfer into a UW major. In some cases, you can also link to the transfer agreement.

Additional Transfer Guides

UW campuses have developed additional transfer guides to outline Wisconsin Technical College (WTC) courses that will facilitate transfer to their campuses.  Some guides focus on WTC liberal arts programs, others focus on transfer into a particular school, college, or program at a UW campus, while still others provide general transfer suggestions.